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Welcome to the launch of the next off–road legend, brought to you by the world's foremost developer of ruggedized vehicles and components — AM General. Engineered with all the tough components and sub–assemblies you'd expect from a company with more than five decades of unparalled off–road mobility experience.

Introducing the HUMVEE® C–Series Kit

The HUMVEE® C–Series Kit is a civilian product with the best in industry mobility technology made available for the first time to the general public. Many of the basics are supplied — aircraft quality aluminum riveted body, exceptionally durable chassis, and a basic soft top structure that screams "off–road ready". A trimmed–out interior that you can customize to your liking provides the final finish. The HUMVEE C–Series is ready to crawl over its competition and climb into the lead of the 4X4 civilian market. Just add your own powertrain and you're ready to roll!

The sub–assemblies requiring the most critical tolerances and processes — the fully painted chassis and riveted aluminum body, with your choice of 3 "ground pounding" inspired colors — are provided to you complete, with the world class quality and durability already baked–in from an award–winning factory workforce. More than 60 hours of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) registered manufacturing is included with your kit components. No one in the world can provide these assemblages better (or more efficiently) than AM General. Each of these items has seen improvements over past commercial offerings, so you are building with the latest in off–road technology. Better yet, the existing accessory market has expanded technologies — both mechanical and electrical — to better support the project car builder, allowing you to develop unique and striking customizations.

C-Series Value

Pound–for–pound, the HUMVEE C–Series offers the best value within the highly competitive global kit market. From the installed high–torque fasteners to the heat cured adhesive, and riveted original body assembly, factory quality controls abound. You get to concentrate on your powertrain and the detailed customization of your project vehicle, knowing your chassis–to–body marriage will be smooth.

The C-Series is capable of a 2–ton payload and up to 10,000 pounds of towing capacity depending on the powertrain you choose. The 4–wheel independent suspension with geared hubs will allow you to tiptoe through boulders with torque biasing differentials providing forward movement. The C–Series Kit uses rugged steering components that display gorilla–like strength to transverse the hardest — or softest trails. You can even choose the factory installed optional electronic locking differentials for tractor–like crawling over any terrain, anywhere.

The HUMVEE C–Series "Base Kit" starts at $59,995.00. There are plenty of premium options available, including the AM General Central Tire Inflation System and Underbody Driveline Protection. If you really want to customize your kit, add some accessories to obtain that "one–of–a–kind" specialty project vehicle.

Basic HUMVEE C–Series Kit and Options

The HUMVEE C–Series Kit comes with an aluminum body and chassis sub-assembly. Each separate Kit component receives a high level of quality control and manufacturing expertise of unparalleled value. The aircraft–style body sub-assembly is provided with panels and bracings, over 2800 holes and rivets factory set. The chassis is constructed with corrosion resistant coated grade 8 hardware; installed and torqued to factory specifications. The Soft Top with canvas–style Soft Doors retain the austere nature of the C–Series, while the Dual Fuel Tanks and utilitarian trim package allow you to build your vehicle for the purpose that fits you, including going deep into the back country, without being overdressed.

The HUMVEE C–Series chassis is the kit builder's (and off-roader's) dream come true. Strong, reliable and world–proven durability allow you to build your vehicle with confidence. Able to receive various powertrain types, the C–Series chassis will provide the builder both the strength and versatility to implement their unique kit concept.

Designed and constructed with aeronautic technology and established processes, the HUMVEE C–Series all–aluminum body has become an icon in the automotive world. Panels are bonded together with heat cured adhesive and rivets, providing a strong but flexible structure. A corrosion-thwarting alodine treatment is sealed by fully painting all surfaces before the body leaves the plant. The composite hood comes fully painted and dressed for your convenience, with timely placed harnesses, lights and grill components.

A perfect mix of options is always what makes a kit unique. A number of premium component options are available so that you can configure your C-Series Kit to your particular needs. From the storied and refined Central Tire Inflation System to the convenient and sure–footed Eaton Elocker differentials, these options will help you achieve the look and capability of your unique C–Series Kit.

NOTE: The HUMVEE C-Series DOES NOT Include a Powertrain (Engine, Transmission, Transfercase and Drive Shafts)

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Project Timing

The C–Series is a work–in progress, where the prototype build will be the blueprint for the final kit. Prototype kits are slated for display at major off–road events and national automotive component conventions. Kit availability is scheduled for spring of 2013.

You can join the HUMVEE C–Series story and become a part of the HUMVEE legacy by reserving your kit now. The first 50 kits will be packaged by reservation only and will be fitted with a commemorative placard, identifying it as one of the first original kits produced. The kit price stated below is guaranteed for these first 50 kits. A 10% refundable reservation fee* is required to reserve your kit. Select the PRE–ORDER FORM from the menu for details.

*Reservation fee is applied toward your total purchase of the kit and may be increased pending your choice of options at the time of order.

AM General will provide Technical Hotline Support to help guide you through configuration options for your order, and if you would have any questions which are not answered by the extensive Assembly Instructions provided with your kit.

The HUMVEE C-Series Kit is designed and intended only for civilian commercial use and will not be sold for military purposes. Kits sold outside the United States are subject to U.S. export laws.


To talk to a kit specialist the HUMVEE C–Series Toll Free Line is (800)—638—8303.